Two Scientists Have a Frank and Honest Discussion about Antarctica

  • Released Friday, March 18, 2022
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NASA Glaciologists Kelly Brunt and Alex Gardner discuss the history, challenges and evolution of mapping the Antarctic continent and what it means for science and society.

Music: "Man vs. Clock," "Curious," "Transitions," "Phosphorus," "Hypervelocity," "Double Agent," "Bloom," "Mirroring Thought," Universal Production Music.

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02:06-02:14: Provided by Robert Bindschadler

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05:02-05:07: Provided by Helen Millman

06:30-06:46; 07:04-07:08: Provided by the National Science Foundation

07:11-08:15: Provided by the National Reconnaissance Office

08:29-08:53: Provided by Kelly Brunt


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