Hubble Spotted Something Scary

  • Released Thursday, October 28, 2021

A hypnotizing vortex? A peek into a witch’s cauldron? A giant space-spiderweb?

In reality, it’s a look at the red giant star CW Leonis as photographed by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope — just in time for celebrating Halloween with creepy celestial sights! Be careful, this video is spooky!

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Additional Credits:
Pumpkin Animation by HU Shahir via Motion Array

Spider Transition by VitApSwF via Motion Array

Halloween Cartoon Opener (Bat) by Timur Yakupov via Motion Array

Ghost Animation from Halloween Instagram Stories Pack Vol.1 by UmutU via Motion Array

Black Cat by Zlajs via Motion Array

Spider Web on Alpha Loop by Mushni via Motion Array

Sound Effects Credits:
Bats for Halloween by Beison via Motion Array

Cat Meow by Beison via Motion Array

Demonic Scream by Media_M via Motion Array

Halloween Spooky Sounds by Motion Audio Sound Effects via Motion Array

Dinosaur Growl by Giraffe Music via Motion Array

Man Screaming by Laravich via Motion Array

Walk Cockroach by Beison via Motion Array

Explosive Risers And Booms by NickoMusic Via Motion Array

Scary Laugh by Motion Audio via Motion Array

Music Credits:
“Trap Door” by Sebastian Barnaby Robertson [BMI] via Killer Tracks [ BMI ] and Universal Production Music

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