Hubble Celebrates World Wildlife Day

  • Released Wednesday, March 3, 2021

To celebrate 2021's World Wildlife Day, the Hubble Space Telescope wanted to share all of the best "animal" images taken over the years. From giant tadpole galaxies to the famed Eagle Nebula, there are all kinds of "animals" in space!

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Image Credits:
Picture of Eagle by Eliot Malumuth
Picture of Horse by Maria Zubareva via Motion Array

Video Credits:
White Mouse in Hands by Misharin via Motion Array
Sand Crab Scavenging via monster/Pond5
Underwater Frog Tadpole via MPS_Images/Pond5
Whale in Ocean via VideoFort/Pond5

Music Credits:
“Fröhlicher Bummler” by Conny Schumann [GEMA], via Ed. Beco Tapes [GEMA] and Universal Production Music

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