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  • Released Friday, August 21, 2020

Rogue Planets 101: What is a rogue planet? Well, rogue planets are freely floating bodies that drift through the galaxy untethered to a star.

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Rogue Planets 101: How do they form? They are commonly made by being ejected from planetary systems, but they can also form alone, similar to how stars are born.

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Rogue Planets 101: Why do we study them? Studying rogue planets will help scientists and astrophysicists better understand how planetary systems form and evolve.

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Rogue Planets 101: Roman will use the technique called microlensing to "see" rogue planets. when a rogue planet lines up with a star from our vantage point, it will bend and amplify the light from the star. allowing us to see this lonely planet.

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Rogue Planets 101: Fun fact, the universe could be teeming with rogue planets and we wouldn’t even know it. We would never find out without undertaking a thorough, space-based microlensing survey like Roman is going to do.

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