Venus in a Minute

  • Released Tuesday, July 21, 2020
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“Venus in a Minute” – a vision for exploration of our mysterious sister planet in response to National Academy of Sciences Decadal priorities that will provide a new window on the evolution of planets in our solar system and beyond.

Music Credit: "Save us All" by Alec Michael Harrison via Universal Production Music

Our sister planet Venus could serve as a model for many exo-planets soon to be discovered in the upcoming era of new space telescopes such as James Webb and others. Venus may have been far more Earth-like than its present climate state, which is inhospitable and more like that inside a pressure-cooker oven with surface temperatures of 450 C and pressures equivalent to 1000m under the sea. How did Venus evolve from a past "habitable" state to its present one, and how does that help us understand our own destiny?


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