New Hubble Video Miniseries Goes Behind the Scenes of Our "Eye in the Sky"

  • Released Monday, July 13, 2020

A new video miniseries explores the intricate world of operating the Hubble Space Telescope.

In Hubble – Eye in the Sky, viewers get an inside look at the challenges of operating the telescope, along with an understanding of the groundbreaking discoveries that forever changed the way we view space. Leading scientists, engineers and a Nobel prize winner take us through the innovation and strategies that keep the telescope in prime condition.

Starting on July 15, the first episode, “Driving the Telescope,” visits Hubble’s control center to find out how a telescope in space is managed and operated from Earth. The following two episodes will premiere on July 20 and 23. They explore the riveting discoveries, technological updates and “time machine” capabilities of Hubble.

Watch Hubble – Eye in the Sky starting on July 15, and follow Hubble on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Positioned above Earth’s murky atmosphere, Hubble fundamentally changed the field of astronomy and our understanding of the universe. For more information, visit NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope website.

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