Operation IceBridge - Thule, Greenland Landscape

  • Released Monday, December 9, 2019
  • ID: 13434

Thule, Greenland has been one of the major hubs of Operation IceBridge since the mission began in 2009.

The Thule Air Base, located 750 miles north of the Arctic circle, has been a critical hub of IceBridge Arctic flights during the course of the mission.

4K footage of the Thule Air Base.

Thule Air Base is the U.S. Armed Forces' northernmost installation. The base is home to the 21st Space Wing's global network of sensors providing missile warning, space surveillance and space control to North American Aerospace Defense Command and Air Force Space Command. Thule Air Base is also home to the 821st Air Base Group and is responsible for air base support within the Thule Defense Area for the multinational population of "Team Thule." The base hosts the 12th Space Warning Squadron who operates a Ballistic Missile Early Warning System designed to detect and track ICBMs launched against North America. Thule is also host to Detachment 1 of the 23rd Space Operations Squadron, part of the 50th Space Wing's global satellite control network.

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