Goddard + Hubble, Valentines Since 1984

  • Released Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hubble's Space Telescope Operations Control Center (STOCC) had its ribbon-cutting ceremony at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland on Valentine's Day, 1984, beginning a long-lasting relationship that thrives to this day. Read more about Hubble mission operations at the STOCC here - https://www.nasa.gov/content/hubble-mission-operations

Goddard + Hubble, Valentines Since 1984 - Short

TRT: 01:11

Music credit: "Love Will Set You Free" by Anders Gunnar Kampe [STIM], Niklas Rolf Edberger [STIM]; Primetime Productions Ltd PRS; Killer Tracks Production Music

Converted 3/4" U-matic tape titled "Space Telescope Press Clips" from the early 1980s. The Space Telescope was renamed the Hubble Space Telescope in November, 1983.

00:25 - Overview of the Space Telescope Operation Control Center at GSFC given by Dick Moore

The Space Telescope Operations Control Center

06:27 - Operations Room

07:21 - Spacecraft Analysis Room

07:55 - Mission Support Room

08:12 - Equipment Room

09:50 - Overview on the Flight Instrument Test Activity at GSFC, given by Jim Moore

14:20 - Simulating Operation of Space Telescope Instruments in Orbit

14:44 - Wide Field Planetary Camera

15:43 - High Resolution Spectrograph

16:22 - Faint Object Camera

17:16 - High Speed Photometer

18:44 - Faint Object Spectrograph


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