ATom Mission Postcard - Palmdale to Kona

  • Released Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Principal Investigator Steven Wofsy of Harvard University and atomsperhic scientist Paul Newman of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center sent back a video postcard of the first two legs of the Atmospheric Tomography, or ATom mission. The science team first traveled from Palmdale California to Anchorage Alaksa by way of the North Pole, and one their second leg flew south to Kona, Hawaii.

The ATom mission aboard NASA’s DC-8 aircraft and flying laboratory is sampling world-wide in one of the most extensive surveys of the atmosphere to date, measuring over 200 gases as well as airborne particles. The science team is particularly interested in methane, tropospheric ozone and black carbon particles, which have strong effects on climate and which all have both human and natural origins.


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