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Webb Flight Mirrors Tested in Calibration, Integration and Alignment Facility 4-28-2015 B-Roll

Engineers move the Webb Space Telescope flight mirrors to the CIAF (Calibration, Integration and Alignment Facility) at NASA Goddard Spcae Flight Center Each mirror is placed onto the CMM (Configuration Measurement Machine). The CMM is used for precision measurements of the mirrors. These precision measurements must be accurate to 0.1 microns or 1/400th the thickness of a human hair.

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Michael McClare (HTSI): Lead Producer
Michael McClare (HTSI): Lead Cinematographer
Michael McClare (HTSI): Lead Editor
Nasreen Alkhateeb (AIMM): Editor
Nasreen Alkhateeb (AIMM): Project Support
Swarupa Nune (InuTeq): Project Support
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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center