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MMS Pre-launch Live Shots

LIVE Satellite Interviews with NASA Scientist Thrusday, March 12 from 6 am. - 11 am. EDT
Join us just hours before these four identical MMS spacecraft launch from Florida’s Cape Canaveral – to talk about what scientists hope to learn from this first-of-its-kind magnetic storm chasing mission, and why understanding this phenomenon in Earth’s backyard is game changing.

Live Shot Details:
Location: Goddard Space Flight Center/ Greenbelt, MD
Scientists: Dr. Holly Gilbert / NASA Scientist
Dr. Michelle Thaller / NASA Scientist
Dr. Diego Janches / NASA Scientist (interviews in Spanish)

*** HD Satellite Coordinates ***: AMC-16 Ku-band Xp 24 Slot A18 | 85.0 ° W Longitude | DL 12171 MHz | Horizontal Polarity | QPSK/DVB-S | FEC 3/4 | SR 13.235 Mbps | DR 18.2954 MHz | HD 720p | Format MPEG2 | Chroma Level 4:2:0 | Audio Embedded

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Michelle Handleman (USRA): Lead Producer
Rich Melnick (HTSI): Lead Editor
Stuart A. Snodgrass (HTSI): Editor
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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

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Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS)

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