• Released Tuesday, April 8, 2014
  • Updated Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 12:35PM
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A string of four total lunar eclipses will illuminate North American skies starting in April.

Explore how lunar eclipses work and the different types that occur in this video.

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When a full moon drifts into Earth’s inner shadow, called the umbra, a total eclipse takes place.

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The moon grows red as it creeps into Earth's shadow. Once it passes out of the shadow, it returns to its normal state.

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The total eclipse will be visible across North America on April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and September 28, 2015.


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Cover image courtesy of Fred Espenak
Eclipse time-lapse image courtesy of SpaceWeather.com / Dylan O'Donnell
Total eclipse image courtesy of Doug Murray

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