World Cafe

  • Released Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A World Cafe event was held in the Goddard Space Flight Center library. This is an internationally known event to improve communications. The event was hosted by Code 700.

What would happen if everyone invested in improving internal communications at Goddard? How would our work be enhanced? What if everyone felt comfortable communicating with leaders and everyone felt equally valued? What if an event was designed to explore effective and not-so-effective communications on Center? Bold questions like these grew out of lively conversations at the Center's first-ever World Café.On this day, the project team for ACT - the Advancing Communication Techniques - welcomed guests from nearly every Directorate. The familiar Goddard Library was now transformed into a sidewalk café, emanating several simple and casual gatherings.Trained facilitators guided the participants to share their experiences related to internal communications at Goddard, the structure of communication, and brainstormed ways to improve these scenarios. Three hours flew by and ideas generated at the Café are now being examined for future Center-wide endeavors to improve the way we communicate to one another.What is possible in internal communications? Well, it is up to you! Come out and help explore and evolve potential new possibilities at the next World Café.


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  • World Cafe (ID: 2011020)
    Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 5:00AM
    Produced by - Tim Carnahan (NASA)