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The Hubble Legacy: A Collegiate Case Study

USA Today Education, in collaboration with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, brings the final section of a six-part case study, which explores the human ingenuity, vision, and expertise represented in the still-evoloving story of the Hubble Space Telescope. The interviews that follow are based on the Critical Inquiry section of the case study, which was composed by the subject matter experts at NASA.


Chris Smith (HTSI): Lead Animator
Ryan Fitzgibbons (UMBC): Video Editor
Kathryn Thornton (University of Virginia): Interviewee
Russell Werneth (ARTS): Interviewee
Ryan Fitzgibbons (UMBC): Producer
Ryan Fitzgibbons (UMBC): Videographer
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NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

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Data Used:
Wide-Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) was installed in Dec 1993 and used to obtain high resolution images of astronomical objects. This camera was removed in the last servicing mission so it is no longer in service.
Note: While we identify the data sets used in these visualizations, we do not store any further details nor the data sets themselves on our site.

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Goddard TV Tape:
G2009-074 -- The Hubble Legacy: A Collegiate Case Study

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