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SDO Engineers Create What Never Was

Scientists discover what there is, but engineers create that which never was. This special group of folks at Goddard Space Flight Center are creators, like any artist, but instead of working with art they are working wiht scientific, mechanical, or electrical things with fantastic problems to solve.

Watch engineers talk about what it is like to be an engineer as they build, assemble, integrate, and test the Solary Dynamics Observatory (SDO) soon to be launched in early 2010. If you have a strong tendancy towards science and mathematics, and enjoy working and building things with your hands, then you could also come up with creative solutions, to create something, to do a certain job and do it well.

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Erica Drezek (HTSI): Video Editor
Gary Davis (NASA): Interviewee
Andrea Mattern (NASA): Interviewee
Jason Hair (NASA): Interviewee
David Ward (NASA): Interviewee
Julie Lander (NASA): Interviewee
Erica Drezek (HTSI): Producer
Rich Melnick (HTSI): Project Support
Erica Drezek (HTSI): Videographer
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