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Mars Transition

Billions of years ago when the Red Planet was young, it appears to have had a thick atmosphere that was warm enough to support oceans of liquid water - a critical ingredient for life. The animation shows how the surface of Mars might have appeared during this ancient clement period, beginning with a flyover of a Martian lake. The artist's concept is based on evidence that Mars was once very different. Rapidly moving clouds suggest the passage of time, and the shift from a warm and wet to a cold and dry climate is shown as the animation progresses. The lakes dry up, while the atmosphere gradually transitions from Earthlike blue skies to the dusty pink and tan hues seen on Mars today.
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16x9 format    16x9 format
Duration: 1.9 minutes
Available formats:
  1280x720 (29.97 fps) QT         341 MB
  1280x720 (29.97 fps) MPEG-4   488 MB
  1280x720 (30 fps) Frames
  640x360 (29.97 fps) MPEG-4   19 MB
  320x240 (29.97 fps) MPEG-4   10 MB
  960x540 (29.97 fps) MPEG-4   46 MB
  1280x720 (29.97 fps) WMV         49 MB
  640x360 (29.97 fps) QT         43 MB
  1280x720 (29.97 fps) QT         753 MB
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Cinemascope format    Cinemascope format
Duration: 1.9 minutes
Available formats:
  1920x720   MPEG-4   712 MB
  1920x720   QT         1 GB
  1920x720   Frames
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Animation Number:20201
Animator:Michael Lentz (USRA) (Lead)
Technical Director:Aaron Lepsch (ADNET Systems, Inc.)
Producers:Dan Gallagher (USRA)
 David Ladd (USRA)
Scientist:Bruce Jakosky (LASP)
Please give credit for this item to:
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab

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