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The How-To Guide to Satellites: Putting it Together

Building satellites isn't easy. They're complex, expensive, and not to mention hard to make! This is why whenever NASA makes a new satellite--like the MAVEN mission to Mars--its scientists and engineers do everything they can to make sure it's done right.

Now, putting a satellite together is nothing like putting together, say, an office chair. A single bolt can take hours to install, and you can't even imagine how complex the electronics are! Find out more about the whole process in this video!

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Why does it take so long to put a bolt into a spacecraft? Watch this video to find out!    Why does it take so long to put a bolt into a spacecraft? Watch this video to find out!

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Duration: 1.5 minutes
Available formats:
  960x540 (29.97 fps) MPEG-4 (AppleTV) 29 MB
  640x360 (29.97 fps) QT (Quicktime) 21 MB
  1280x720 (59.94 fps) QT (ProRes) 834 MB
  640x360 (29.97 fps) MPEG-4 (iTunes HD) 14 MB
  320x240 (29.97 fps) MPEG-4 (iPod) 6 MB
  1280x720 (29.97 fps) QT (YouTube) 38 MB
  1280x720 (29.97 fps) WMV (Windows Media) 32 MB
  320x180     PNG           78 KB
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Animation Number:10782
Animator:Chris Smith (HTSI) (Lead)
Video Editor:Chris Smith (HTSI)
Narrator:Chris Smith (HTSI)
Producer:Chris Smith (HTSI)
Scientist:Bruce Jakosky (LASP)
Writer:Chris Smith (HTSI)
Series:Narrated Movies
 The How-To Guide to Satellites
Goddard TV Tape:G2011-081 -- "So, You Want to Build a Satellite?" Part 2: Putting it Together
Please give credit for this item to:
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
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