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Chesapeake Bay Landsat-7 Mosaic

The Chesapeake Bay Landsat-7 Mosaic is a composite of eight Landsat-7 scenes acquired during the period of 1999-2002, where each pixel represents about 15 square meters on the ground. The original data set was a false-color Landsat-7 (ETM+) image using bands 7,4,2 and the panchromatic band (8). Color correction has been applied to resemble natural looking colors.
This page offers the full color-corrected data set for download and lets you look around at it using the online viewer. You can navigate the online image by using the zoom and pan controls at the bottom center of the image and use the inset red box at the upper left corner as a reference.

This imagery data has been utilized to create the following animations:
#3446: Chesapeake Bay Flyover
#3472: Chesapeake Bay Flyover and Watershed Region #3477: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Region (short version)

Data Notes:
The mosaic was created by EarthSat under contract with NASA as part of the GeoCover 2000 product. All images used in GeoCover were acquired by Landsat-7 during the period of 1999-2002. The pixel size of the full resolution image represents 14.25 m on the ground. The Chesapeake Bay mosaic uses portions of eight Landsat-7 scenes. Below you will find a listing of the eight Landsat 7 images that were put together to create the composite image. Landsat scenes are organized by a Path and Row number according to the Worldwide Reference System. (To learn more about Landsat's Worldwide Reference System, please visit:

Scenes used in the Chesapeake Bay mosaic:

  • Landsat-7 WRS Path 15-Row 32 acquired on Oct. 05, 2001
  • Landsat-7 WRS Path 14-Row 32 acquired on Sept. 23, 1999
  • Landsat-7 WRS Path 15-Row 33 acquired on October 05, 2001
  • Landsat-7 WRS Path 14-Row 33 acquired on July 10, 2001
  • Landsat-7 WRS Path 15-Row 34 acquired on Sept. 30, 1999
  • Landsat-7 WRS Path 14-Row 34 acquired on July 10, 2001
  • Landsat-7 WRS Path 15-Row 35 acquired on Sept. 30, 1999
  • Landsat-7 WRS Path 14-Row 35 acquired on Sept. 23, 1999

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Chesapeake Bay Landsat-7 Mosaic
Latitude (min, max) = (34.96, 40.05)
Longtitude (min, max) = (74.99, 78.97)

Available formats:
  23414 x 30410 TIFF       1 GB
  10000 x 12988 TIFF   276 MB
  5000 x 6494     TIFF     71 MB
  2000 x 2598     TIFF     11 MB
  1000 x 1299     TIFF       2 MB
  320 x 415         PNG     260 KB
  160 x 80           PNG       10 KB
  80 x 40             PNG         2 KB
  536 x 700         X-SHOCKWAVE-FLASH
  320 x 180         PNG     113 KB

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Animation Number:3473
Animators:Helen-Nicole Kostis (UMBC) (Lead)
 Cindy Starr (GST)
 Greg Shirah (NASA/GSFC)
Producer:Andrew Freeberg (NASA/GSFC)
Scientists:Darrel Williams (NASA/GSFC)
 Laura Rocchio (SSAI)
Platform/Sensor/Data Set:Landsat-7/ETM+ (1999-2002)
Goddard TV Tape:G2008-034HD -- NASAs HD Chesapeake Bay Resource Tape
Please give credit for this item to:
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio
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