Climate Essentials

This Climate Essentials multimedia gallery brings together the latest and most popular climate-related images, data visualizations and video features from Goddard Space Flight Center on one web page. Browse our top ten most popular climate resources, or select from the categories below. You can download the imagery in a variety of formats directly from this site. For more multimedia resources on climate and other topics, search the Scientific Visualization Studio. To learn more about NASA's contribution to understanding Earth's climate, visit the Global Climate Change site.

The Essentials

link to gallery item Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic Sea Ice
link to gallery item Greenland Ice Sheet

Greenland Ice Sheet
link to gallery item Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide
link to gallery item Wildfire

link to gallery item Global Temperature

Global Temperature
link to gallery item Future Temperatures

Future Temperatures
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Future Precipitation
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Drought and Agriculture

Multimedia Resources

Life on Earth

Feeling the Sting of Climate Change
Science for a Hungry World: Agriculture and Climate Change
Crop Intensity
Global Crop Production
Ocean Plant Life
Can Earth's Plants Keep Up With Us?
Global Biosphere 1999-2008
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The Oceans

Ocean and Climate Gallery
Phytoplankton Blooms
Ocean Temperature, Salinity, and Density
Sea Surface Temperature 2002-2006
Ocean Conveyor Belt
El Nino, La Nina, and Rainfall
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The Polar Regions

A Tour of the Cryosphere 2009
Temperature Trends in Antarctica
Daily Arctic Sea Ice -- Summer 2009
Sea Ice Yearly Minimum 1979-2008
New Sea Ice Findings
Jakobshavn Glacier Calving Front Recession from 1851 to 2009
Antarctic Sea Ice 1999-2009
Arctic Sea Ice 1999-2009
Global Ice Albedo
Accelerating Ice Sheet
Arctic Sea Ice
Change in Elevation Over Greenland
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The Atmosphere

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Tropospheric Ozone Impacts Climate Change
Ozone: The World Avoided
'Smog' and Arctic Warming
Hello Crud
CO2 Growth in the Last 400,000 Years
CO2 Emissions by County and Source
Black Soot on Ice
Aerosols Absorb; Aerosols Reflect
Pacific Aerosols Transport
NO2 Concentration Over the United States
Link between Carbon Dioxide Uptake and the Seasons
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27 Storms: Arlene to Zeta
Towers in the Tempest
2008 Hurricane Season
Tropical Storm Ida -- November 2009
Model Run Shows Hurricane Katrina
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The Sun

Striking a Solar Balance
Sentinels of the Heliosphere
Rotating Tour of Solar Coronal Loops
The Top 5 Solar Discoveries
Earth's Energy Budget Animation
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The Land

Global Wildfires
Deforestation of Rondonia, Brazil 1975-2009
Amazon Deforestation
Groundwater Depletion in India
Atlanta Heat Island
Biomass Burning
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Observing and Modeling Climate Data

Taking Earth's Temperature
Components of the Water Cycle
Tropospheric Ozone Impacts Climate Change
'Smog' and Arctic Warming
Greenhouse Gas Effect on Global Warming
Carbon Dioxide Linked to Seasonal Variation of the Biosphere
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